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Windows 7 iso to usb linux

Warning: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 16: Device or resource busy.
After you select all linux your Linux distributions, insert your USB flash drive and linux click the USB icon on the upper-right corner linux to detect linux and select your USB flash drive.
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Click the Windows icon on the left windows bar, and select the first item in windows the list.Then you'll have to mount the USB drive back.Choose gpt in the dropdown.3 MultiSystem MultiSystem is Linux-only application that allows you to create a multiboot Linux live USB.

This process can take some time if you selected several ISO images.
I recently had to create a, windows 7 bootable USB flash drive linux for my girlfriend because she doesn't have a DVD-ROM, linux and I had to do it from Ubuntu as I don't have Windows (neither at work or at home).
(Edit: I just tried this with Windows 10 without success.
For more information on uefi, please linux read this excellent essay on the subject: also, I don't think Ubuntu will work with Secure Boot enabled, so you'll have to disable that to be able to use uefi boot with Ubuntu.Cons: Theres no Linux version, although you can try running yumi on Linux through wine.Here (version tested and it should work).Yumi Pros: Supports both bios and uefi firmware.All uefi compliant firmwares must support FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32, so any of these should be fine, but.Call city sync to make sure all files are written.Mount the ISO you wish to add to the USB drive so you can access the files in there.It will also ask you if you want to enable persistent files.Cons: You linux need to write ISO images to your USB flash drive one by one.Check what device your USB media is assigned - here we will assume it is /dev/sdb.