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Outlook 2007 asks for password windows xp

You're trying to resolve password the issue rather than just blame MS and/or copy stuff over from other forums.
Select your Exchange server.
I use Outlook on only 1 of the PC's - my windows 'Work'. .No idea what it's like in the US but here in the UK anytime between password 3pm and 1am everything slows down. .Click the Change button.No idea what has gone on, outlook is now constantly asking for a password for all email accounts.A malicious user can easily go through the same steps as yourself (via the Mail applet in Control Panel) and un-check the password requirement checkbox!This is what the connector is doing.How can I configure Outlook XP/2003/2007 to prompt me for a password?Also something windows to consider asks is the speed of your broadband connection and when are password you using outlook. .

Do NOT leave it bahasa running, and expert lock your workstation dead when you leave it, even for 30 seconds.
I'm going to throw outlook the 'cat among the pigeons' and say that this problem could be hardware based. .
It has just (within the last 6 days) been completely upgraded and it's only since then has this issue with the connector asking for the password occurred. .
I redking have double checked in outlook that the passwords are correct byt still it fails.RobSJ, I beleive the reason why it works on your Vista system and not the XP one is just that Vista is a slower OS.Where m - is your correct hostname for the CAS.Always make sure you physically lock your computer and room, and always lock your workstation when leaving it unattended.With the.4P4 the code for the connector is running alot faster. .There is also a fact that MS can't reproduce the error else they ultraman would have had a fix months ago. .Also by entering the password manually you are also adding a delay - the connector has finished with the previous dead account. .By the way, that hostname must be included in Subject and in SAN (Subject Alternative Names) in certificate for CAS-server.The server responded :- errsys/temp internal server error IS6532).(After installing it the connector would not connect to any of the accounts. .